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School-Tripped (Babymouse Tales From the Locker, Bk. 3)
Holm, Jennifer L.

Watch out, Big City! Babymouse is on a field trip without a chaperone in the third book in the Babymousetastic, highly illustrated Babymouse: Tales from the Locker series.Babymouse's art class is headed to a museum in the Big City. And now that they're middle schoolers, she and her friends will b...

A Letter to My Teacher
Hopkinson, Deborah

Dear Teacher, Whenever I had something to tell you, I tugged on your shirt and whispered in your ear. This time I’m writing a letter. So begins this heartfelt picture book about a girl who prefers running and jumping to listening and learning—and the teacher who gently inspires her. From stomping...

A Walk In The Rain With A Brain
Hallowell, Edward M.

Lucy meets a brain that helps her realize that everyone is smart in different ways. Includes a discussion section for parents and teachers.

My Magical Life (Zach King)
King, Zach

Award-winning digital media star Zach King brings his unique brand of magic to the first installment of a lively, fun-filled trilogy about Zach, a middle schooler in search of his magical powers while navigating the crazy, confusing world of public school.

Touchdown Kid
Green, Tim

Cory has always been passionate about football. But life for him and his single mom has been hard, making it difficult for Cory to play. And though Cory is a good kid, he’s constantly surrounded by negative influences. But when the coach from an elite private school with one of the best football ...

The Hadley Academy for the Improbably Gifted
Grennan, Conor

Extraordinary abilities slumber inside each of us. But only some believe in themselves enough to discover their truest identity. These few are the improbably gifted.They are drafted into a secret school - the Hadley Academy. There, they develop their remarkable skills and train to save the world....

Dinosaurs (Insiders)
Long, John

Expertly written, each book in this series will feature an arresting design, complete with dynamic, multi-layered CGI and 3-D model imagery that is complemented by fascinating, up-to-date information presented in a user-friendly format. Dinosaurs explores every aspect of the time when these real...

Lucky Jars & Broken Promises (Penelope Perfect, Bk. 3)
Perry, Chrissie

Penelope Kingston is absolutely certain that her stall at the school fair will be a huge success. She and Oscar are in charge of the lucky jars, and Penelope wants to break last year's record.This is even more important because Penelope's dad is coming to the fair. She and her brother, Harry, do...

Will I Have A Friend?
Cohen, Miriam

Jim's anxieties on his first day of school are happily forgotten when he makes a new friend. SC.

School of Fish (Ready-to-Read, Level 1)
Yolen, Jane

A brave fish sets off on a new adventure - the first day of school! Along the way he wonders what it will be like. Will the day go swimmingly? Read on and find out!

Knights and Castles (Insiders)
Dixon, Philip

INsiders brings knights & castles to life, with the most up-to-date information and state-of-the-art 3-D illustrations that practically leap off every page, stimulating minds and imaginations in a whole new way.

Dictionary of Dinosaurs
Braun, Dieter (Ilt)

Find out about every dinosaur that's ever been discovered in this comprehensive illustrated dictionary. Featuring epic artwork from Dieter Braun, and bursting with up-to-date facts from top dinosaur experts, this book is the ultimate companion for young dinosaur fans everywhere.

Flight (Insiders)
Hardesty, Von

How do planes stay in the air? How does a space shuttle overcome gravity? Which was the first plane to fly faster than the speed of sound? Flight, a new book in the visually stunning, groundbreaking INSIDERS series, answers all these questions and more. Packed with high quality images and diagra...

Ramona's World
Cleary, Beverly

Follows the adventures of nine-year-old Ramona at home with big sister Beezus and baby sister Roberta and at school in Mrs. Meacham's class.

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2017
National Geographic Kids

This New York Times bestseller is packed with incredible photos, tons of fun facts, crafts, activities, and fascinating features about animals, science, nature, technology, and more. New features include highlights on National Geographic Explorers and their amazing projects (plus, ways you can ge...

What Stars Are Made Of
Allen, Sarah

From debut author Sarah Allen comes a pitch-perfect, heartwarming middle grade novel about growing up, finding yourself, and loving people with everything you’re made of.Twelve-year-old Libby Monroe is great at science, being optimistic, and talking to her famous, accomplished friends (okay, mayb...

Bounce Back (Zayd Saleem, Chasing the Dream, Bk. 3)
Khan, Hena

From the critically acclaimed author of Amina’s Voice comes the third book in an exciting middle grade series about a scrawny fourth-grader with big dreams of basketball stardom.Zayd has a plan. He’s ready to take the reins as team captain of the Gold Team.But when an injury leaves him on the sid...

How To Talk To Girls
Greven, Alec

Are you smart enough to take over a girl's heart? Leave it to a nine-year-old to get down to the basics about how to win victory with a girl. How to Talk to Girls is for boys of all ages - from eight to eighty - and the girls they like. So read this book and then you're ready. Good luck! Tip...

Oh, Yikes! History's Grossest, Wackiest Moments
Masoff, Joy

If kids think pus and gas are fun, wait until they hear the lowdown on the real Dracula, samurai, gladiators, guillotines and vomitoriums, pirates, Vikings, witch trials, and the world’s poxiest plagues. Impeccably researched, deliciously wry, and subversively educational (check out the toilet-pa...

Stanley Will Probably Be Fine
Pla, Sally J.

Nobody knows comics trivia like Stanley knows comics trivia.It’s what he takes comfort in when the world around him gets to be too much. And after he faints during a safety assembly, Stanley takes his love of comics up a level by inventing his own imaginary superhero, named John Lockdown, to help...

Dr. Floss Is the Boss! (My Weirder-est School, Bk. 3)
Gutman, Dan
(Library Binding)

Grab your toothbrushes! It's National Dessert Day, and Ella Mentry School has brought in local dentist Dr. Floss to teach A.J. and his friends about the dental dangers of sweets. But Dr. Floss has other plans. She wants the kids to eat as many sweets as possible so that they'll need a dentist! Is...

Dr, Snow Has Got To Go! (My Weirder-est School, Bk. 1)
Gutman, Dan
(Library Binding)

Ella Mentry School is having a science fair! Guest scientist Dr. Snow has arrived to help A.J. and his friends conduct their own cool experiments. But what is "the Snowman" really planning? And what does STEM even stand for anyway?

Take Your Pet to School Day
Ashman, Linda

When pets show up with their kids at Maple View Elementary, it's total chaos! These animals have no respect for school rules, and every class quickly gets out of hand. But why did they show up in the first place? Who said they could come? Could it have been...the pets themselves? It turns out the...

Three Cups of Tea
Mortenson, Greg

This young readers edition of the worldwide bestseller Three Cups of Tea has been specially adapted for younger readers and updated by Greg Mortenson to bring his remarkable story of humanitarianism up to date for the present. Includes new photos and illustrations, as well as a special interview ...

First Grade Jitters
Quackenbush, Robert

Here is the story of a young boy who is about to enter first grade and doesn't know quite what to expect. Will his friends be there? Will he have to know how to read and spell? What if he can't understand anything his teacher says? Looks like a case of first grade jitters! Robert Quackenbush and ...

Kidd, Chip

Kids love to express themselves, and are designers by nature - whether making posters for school, deciding what to hang in their rooms, or creating personalized notebook covers. Go, by the award-winning graphic designer Chip Kidd, is a stunning introduction to the ways in which a designer communi...

English Workbook (TinkerActive, Grade 2)
Butler, Megan Hewes

Megan Hewes Butler's TinkerActive Workbooks: 2nd Grade English is part of an exciting workbook series that blends traditional exercises with hands-on activities--featuring illustrations by Chad Thomas.Tinker, make, and engineer to learn through play! With TinkerActive Workbooks, learning leaps of...

It's Your First Day of School, Busy Bus!
Shaffer, Jody Jensen

It's Busy Bus's first day of school. But he's not quite sure he's ready to roll. . . .

Penguins (100 Facts)
De La Bedoyere, Camilla

Explore the harsh, icy world of penguins and their clever survival techniques. Discover everything you need to know about these amazing birds with this brilliant book. One hundred facts, fantastic illustrations, and hilarious cartoons reveal the different types of penguins, while fun quizzes te...

Monkeys & Apes (100 Facts)
De La Bedoyere, Camilla

Step into the fascinating world of monkeys, apes, and the other members of the primate family. The lives of these amazing creatures are portrayed in detail through one hundred facts, fantastic images, and fun cartoons. Find out how chimpanzees communicate, explore the varied habitats of macaque...

Daniel Goes to School (Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood)
Friedman, Becky (Adapted by)

Daniel Tiger is going to school today. Would you like to join him? There's so much fun to be had at school!

Most Valuable Players (Rip and Red, Bk. 4)
Bildner, Phil

In the fourth book of the Rip and Red series, the two boys have one last basketball thrill ride before the end of fifth grade.It’s fifth-grade graduation time for Rip and Red, and this year’s festivities are going to be extra special because Reese Jones Elementary is also celebrating its twenty-f...

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2018 (National Geographic Almanacs)
National Geographics

Kids can have fun keeping up with our quickly changing world with the New York Times best-selling Almanac, packed with incredible photos, tons of fun facts, crafts, activities, and fascinating features about animals, science, nature, technology, and more. New features include three chapters on en...

How They Choked: Failures, Flops, and Flaws of the Awfully Famous
Bragg, Georgia

Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes, epic failures even lead to super successes . . . sometimes they become deep dark secrets. But remember--to fail is human, to laugh about our shortcomings divine. From Montezuma II's mistaking a conqueror for a god to Isaac Newton turning from science to alchemy...

Alexis Cool as a Cupcake (Cupcake Diaries, Bk. 8)
Simon, Coco

Alexis is the clear leader of the Cupcake Club: She's organized, punctual, and happy to take on the stuff like scheduling, budgets, invoicing, and the things that the other girls don't really want to do. In other words, the "unfun" things. But one day Alexis feels particularly unappreciated and i...

Middle School Misadventures
Platt, Jason

Newell is always getting into trouble--whether it's showing up tardy for most of the year, or mocking his teachers while authoritarian Mr. Todd is standing right behind him. When disaster strikes and Newell finds himself on track to summer school, he's given one last minute option to get out of i...

Mission: Wolf Rescue (National Geographic Kids)
Jazynka, Kitson

Inspiring young animal lovers to get up close to howling wolves and the real-life challenges they face is what Mission: Animal Rescue: Wolves is all about. With fun and amazing adventure stories, gorgeous photography, hands-on activities, fascinating information, and more, this book tap...

Amanda Panda and the Bigger, Better Birthday
Ransom, Candice

Amanda Panda's birthday is tomorrow. She'll be the first kid in her class to turn six! But when she gets to the bus stop, her best friend/worst enemy Bitsy announces that today is HER birthday! And her party is planned for Saturday, the same day as Amanda's! Birthday dreams ruined, Amanda's can't...

Butterflies in Room 6: See How They Grow
Arnold, Caroline

Overview not currently available

The Sonic Breach (Tom Swift Inventors' Academy, Bk. 2)
Appleton, Victor

Tom gets to take all sorts of cool classes at the Swift Academy of Science and Technology, but robotics may be the one he is most excited for. Their teacher is holding a battling robot tournament, and Tom has to build a machine that will come out on top.With the final battle coming up, Tom and hi...

The New Girl... and Me
Robbins, Jacqui

On her first day of school, who will be her friend? Raise your hand if it's you. You'll meet someone -- and something-- surprising.

Our Principal Is a Wolf! (QUIX)
Calmenson, Stephanie

A unique principal named Mr. Bundy runs PS 88 in this silly, fun-to-read Aladdin QUIX chapter book that’s perfect for emerging readers!In this Mr. Bundy (mis)adventure, the Big Bad Wolf has gobbled up Mr. Bundy and his assistant principal Ms. Moore! Will the kids of PS 88 outsmart the ravenous wo...

Most Dangerous: Daniel Ellsberg and the Secret History of the Vietnam War
Sheinkin, Steve

This captivating nonfiction investigation of the Pentagon Papers has captured widespread critical acclaim, including features in The Washington Post and on NPR, selection as a 2015 National Book Award finalist, and selection as a finalist for the 2016 YALSA Excellence in Nonfiction Award.From St...

Bear's Big Day
Yoon, Salina
(Board Books)

It's Bear's very first day of school! He wants to be grown up, so he leaves his stuffed bunny Floppy at home along with all his familiar things. But being away from his best friend is hard--and the first day doesn't turn out quite how Bear wanted it to. Bear learns that the first day of school mi...

The 12 Days of Preschool
Lettice, Jenna

On the first day of preschool, we all learned how to share . . .Starting the first day of preschool will be easy and fun with this simple, cheery rhyming story full of classroom joys.

Take Us to Your Sugar (Beep and Bob, Bk. 3)
Roth, Jonathan

It’s October in space, and Bob is getting excited for his favorite holiday: Halloween. When Bob tells Beep that soon they’ll get to dress up like monsters and get as much free candy as they can carry, Beep thinks he has gone to heaven. But Lani informs them that Halloween isn’t celebrated at Astr...

Mermaid Mia and the Royal Visit
Greening, Rosie

Mermaid Mia runs the school newspaper with her friends. But one day, there's nothing to report! Desperate, Mia makes up some front-page news about the queen visiting the Academy. With everyone talking about the visit, it isn't long until the news gets out of hand. Will Mia be forced to let down t...

Mae's First Day of School
Berube, Kate (Ilt)

As Mae's first day of school approaches she decides she IS. NOT. GOING. School is scary! What if the other kids don't like her? Or what if she's the only one who doesn't know how to write? Or what if she misses her mom? Mae's anxiety only builds as she walks to school. But then she meets Rosie an...

The Exceptionally, Extraordinarily Ordinary First Day Of School
Lorenz, Albert

On the first day back to school from summer vacation, John is the new kid. When the librarian asks him if the school is any different from his last one, he begins a wildly imaginative story about what it was like. What follows are hilarious scenarios - his old school bus was a safari jeep pulled ...

Shark Dog and the School Trip Rescue!
Adamson, Ged

Splash! It's a shark! Woof! No wait, it's a dog!Hey! It’s Shark Dog: a one-of-a-kind pet! And this time, he’s joining Ms. Ablett’s class on their school trip.For Shark Dog, a trip to the woods means: Jumping in a pond full of frogs! Frolicking in mud! And shaking off mud!The great outdoors is loa...

Beyond Words: What Elephants and Whales Think and Feel
Safina, Carl

A young reader’s adaptation of The New York Times bestsellerFollow researcher Carl Safina as he treks with a herd of elephants across the Kenyan landscape, then travel with him to the Pacific Northwest to track and monitor whales in their ocean home. Along the way, find out more about the interio...

The Real Spy's Guide to Becoming a Spy
Ernest, Peter

Created by the founding executive director of the International Spy Museum, who is also a former operative in the CIA's Clandestine Service, this is the official handbook for kids who dream of one day becoming a spy or working in the intelligence field.Have you ever wondered what spies really do....

Weird Sea Creatures
Hoyt, Erich

An illustrated look at the weird and wonderful creatures that live in the very deepest parts of the sea. Humans have always wondered, with a mixture of fear and fascination, what lurks beneath the surface in the depths of the ocean. In this book, Erich Hoyt introduces 50 of the oddest creatures y...

Mammals (100 Facts)
Johnson, Jinny

Discover how mammals survive in oceans, deserts, ice and mountains through one hundred facts, fantastic images and fun cartoons. Find out how they hunt their food, why they care so well for their young, and how they have adapted to live all over the world.Key information is presented as 100 numb...

Tyrannosaurus Wrecks!: A Preschool Story
Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta
(Board Books)

It's a typical day in the classroom. All the little dinosaurs play nicely, but . . . Tyrannosaurus Wrecks!

Captain Awesome and the Easter Egg Bandit (Bk. 13)
Kirby, Stan

Eugene is eager to track down an Easter egg thief in the thirteenth adventure of Captain Awesome and the Sunnyview Superhero Squad! To celebrate Easter, Eugene and his classmates decorate some eggs at school. Eugene's is the most MI-TEE of all! But when he enters the classroom the next day - GAS...

The Friendship War
Clements, Andrew

Grace and Ellie have been best friends since second grade. Ellie's always right in the center of everything--and Grace is usually happy to be Ellie's sidekick. But what happens when everything changes? This time it's Grace who suddenly has everyone's attention when she accidentally starts a new f...

Bugs (100 Facts)
Parker, Steve

Discover everything you need to know about bugs with this brilliant book. One hundred facts, fabulous photographs, amazing illustrations and fun cartoons reveal all aspects of bug life, while quick quizzes test your knowledge.Key information is presented as 100 numbered facts and supported by sup...

Because of Anya
Haddix, Margaret Peterson

Ten-year-old girls don't wear wigs. So why is Anya wearing one? That's what Keely wants to know. But when Anya's wig falls off in front of the whole class, Keely realizes what she really wants is to help Anya, even though she's not sure how - and even though it means she'll have to do something s...

Ms. Bixby's Last Day
Anderson, John David

Everyone knows there are different kinds of teachers. The boring ones, the mean ones, the ones who try too hard, the ones who stopped trying long ago. The ones you’ll never remember, and the ones you want to forget. Ms. Bixby is none of these. She’s the sort of teacher who makes you feel like sch...

The Guide to Good Manners for Kids
Post, Peggy

Written by the third generation of the most trusted name in etiquette, this kid-friendly guide to good manners explains how to do the right thing in just about any situation, from slumber parties to trips to the mall.

Summer Smart Reading & Math Workbook (Sylvan Learning, Between Grades 4-5)
Sylvan Learning, Inc.

Stop "summer slide" and get ready for 5th grade with Sylvan's SUMMER SMART Workbooks!Research shows that kids can lose up to 2.5 months' worth of hard-earned knowledge from the previous grade over the summer vacation break. That's why we at Sylvan Learning - America's #1 tutoring brand - created ...

Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Planet Girl (Charlie Joe Jackson Series, Bk. 5)
Greenwald, Tommy

There's a crisis at Eastport Middle School! It appears that everyone has a boyfriend or girlfriend except . . . Charlie Joe Jackson??!? Yup - he's the only single guy out of all his friends. How is this possible? Even Pete Milano snagged a girl! Well, Charlie Joe refuses to be left out. He quickl...

Testing Miss Malarkey
Finchler, Judy

Although the teachers, the principal, and parents say The Test is not important, their actions tell another story.

Lena's Slippers
Hobai, Ioana

Lena can’t wait to twirl and leap onstage at her school dance recital, but her family does not have the money to pay for new ballet slippers. As the day of the recital draws closer, Lena struggles to come up with a creative solution to reach her shining moment on stage, learning along the way tha...

Amelia Lost: The Life and Disappearance of Amelia Earhart
Fleming, Candace

From the acclaimed author of "The Great and Only Barnum" comes the thrilling story of America's most celebrated flyer, Amelia Earhart. With incredible photos, maps, and handwritten notes from Amelia herself, this unique title is tailor-made for middle graders.

The Teacher's Pet
Rissi, Anica Mrose

Mr. Stricter always wanted a pet. But when Bruno starts wreaking havoc in the classroom, it's up to the kids to solve one big problem!

Volcanoes (100 Facts)
Oxlade, Chris

Step into the danger zone and discover how these fiery forces of nature have shaped the Earth! The spectacular features of volcanoes are explored in detail through 100 numbered facts and fantastic artworks and photos. Find out where in the world volcanoes happen, take a look at the different ty...

Lena's Shoes Are Nervous: A First-Day-of-School Dilemma
Calabrese, Keith

Today, Lena starts kindergarten. She is very excited. But there's just one problem. . . . Lena's shoes are nervous.Lena doesn't want to miss out on her first day of school, but she can't go without her favorite shoes! How can she convince them to be brave?

Friends Stick Together
Harrison, Hannah E.

What happens when two opposites get stuck together? A whole lot of surprises.With her trademark gorgeous illustrations, Hannah E. Harrison has created a poignant tale of finding friends in unexpected places.

Too Much Space! (Beep and Bob, Bk. 1)
Roth, Jonathan

Astro Elementary is a school near Saturn attended by the bravest, brightest, most elite kids in the galaxy . . . and Bob. Bob never wanted to go to fourth grade in dark, dangerous space. He even tried to fail the admissions test by bubbling in “C” for every answer - and turned out to be the only ...

Insert Coin to Continue
Anderson, John David

Meet Bryan Biggins. Most of the time he’s a freckle-faced boy, small for his age, who attends a school known for its unwritten uniform of North Face jackets and Hollister jeans. The rest of the time he is Kieran Nightstalker, the level-fifty dark-elf hero of his favorite video game, Sovereign of ...

Page 3 of 7 - 469 results

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