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Splendid Speller (Fancy Nancy, I Can Read! Lvl.1)
O'connor, Jane

Where spelling is concerned, Nancy is better than great - she's splendid! But when Ms. Glass's spelling test is harder than Nancy anticipated, the self-professed spelling prodigy faces a tough decision.

My Life as a Coder (The My Life Series, Bk. 9)
Tashjian, Janet

Derek Fallon receives an exciting new gift - a laptop! But there's a catch: It has no Wi-Fi, so he can't use it for gaming. If he wants to play computer games, he'll have to learn how to code them himself. Another unforgettable adventure awaits in Book 9 of the My Life series - this time involvin...

Smart About The Fifty States
Buller, Jon (Ilt)

The kids in Ms. Brandt's class create a special report on the United States of America, with each child doing research on ten states. There's a double-spread map of the whole U.S. and a page for every state jam-packed with trivia, interesting facts, handwritten captions, and jokes. At the end of ...

Henkes, Kevin

Chrysanthemum thinks her name is absolutely perfect, until her first day of school. "You're named after a flower!" teases Victoria. "Let's smell her," says Jo. Chrysanthemum wilts. What will it take to make her blossom again?

Liz and the Nosy Neighbor (The Critter Club, Bk. 19)
Barkley, Callie

Liz has been assigned a class project that's perfect for her. She has to create a diorama of an animal habitat! Art plus animals? What could be better? Well, things could be better if Liz's new neighbor and classmate was a little nicer to her . . . and a little less nosy.

Charlie Goes to School
Drummond, Ree

Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman and #1 New York Times bestselling author of Charlie the Ranch Dog, shares Charlie's newest tale: Charlie Goes to School. Charlie the Ranch Dog may be top dog, but he's ready to share his skills--and his responsibilities. Charlie wants to start his own school for th...

Preschool Shapes, Colors & Patterns (Star Wars Workbook)
Workman Publishing Company

The Force is strong with this series! Introducing a line of workbooks that marries the iconic popularity of Star Wars with the unique mix of editorial quality, fun presentation, and rigorous educational standards that Workman applied to the BRAIN QUEST Workbooks. Twelve titles launch the series...

My First Letters and Numbers Wipe Clean Workbook with Pen
Priddy, Roger

With simple exercises and activities that can be practiced again and again, this fantastic wipe-clean book will teach your child how to write letters and numbers, and develop key skills.

Where Is Stonehenge?
Kelley, True

Unravel some of the riddles of Stonehenge, one of the most famous and mysterious monuments in the world!Where is Stonehenge? That's an easy question to answer. It sits on the Salisbury Plain in Southern England. But what is the meaning of these strange circles of stones? Was Stonehenge a religiou...

Camp Out!: The Ultimate Kids' Guide
Brunelle, Lynn

Bear bags, wilderness showers, and telling the temperature by counting the cricket chirps... Whether you're planning an overnight in the backyard or a weekend in the wilderness, this book is packed with stuff to know. The basics, from gearing up to choosing a site to building a tarp tent. Tasty o...

Presidents (Brain Quest, Revised 3rd Edition)
Brain Quest
(Boxed Set)

Brain Quest just keeps getting smarter! Brain Quest Presidents has been thoroughly updated with fresh and appealing designs for the cards and revised content - that's hundreds of brand-new questions. Drawn from first-through sixth-grade curricula, the material aligns with state and national stand...

A Letter to My Teacher
Hopkinson, Deborah

Dear Teacher, Whenever I had something to tell you, I tugged on your shirt and whispered in your ear. This time I’m writing a letter. So begins this heartfelt picture book about a girl who prefers running and jumping to listening and learning—and the teacher who gently inspires her. From stomping...

PJ Masks Save the School!
Simon & Schuster

Romeo has stolen the school supplies . . . and Owlette's powers! But Owlette doesn't want to share her powers - even with her friends Catboy and Gekko. Will the PJ Masks be able to work together and save the school?

Where Is Antarctica? (Where Is?)
Fabiny, Sarah

Explore Antarctica--the coldest, driest, and windiest continent on Earth--in this adventure-filled title in the Who HQ series.Antarctica, the earth's southernmost continent, was virtually untouched by humans until the nineteenth century. Many famous explorers journeyed (and often died) there in t...

Wipe Clean: Starting Pen Control
Priddy, Roger

Holding and using a pen effectively are key skills for children to learn and master as the first steps towards learning how to write. This big, wipe-clean book is full of great pen control exercises and activities for your child to complete, starting with simple line drawing, and progressing to m...

Ms. Joni Is a Phony! (My Weirdest School, Bk. 7)
Gutman, Dan

It's picture day at Ella Mentry School! This year, Mr. Klutz has hired a weird photographer, Ms. Joni. She keeps saying "fabulous," and she wants to turn A.J. into a supermodel. But what happens when the Picture Day Zombie makes an appearance? Run for your lives!

Anderson, John David

In middle school, words aren’t just words. They can be weapons. They can be gifts. The right words can win you friends or make you enemies. They can come back to haunt you. Sometimes they can change things forever.When cell phones are banned at Branton Middle School, Frost and his friends Deedee,...

Mr. Will Needs to Chill (My Weirdest School, Bk. 11)
Gutman, Dan

The Ding-Dong ice cream truck is coming to Ella Mentry School! But crabby Dr. Carbles has banned ice-cream man Mr. Will and his desserts forever. He's planted bugs all over school to make sure no one breaks the rules. Will A.J. And the gang ever get to enjoy the sweet taste of a Push-Up pop again?

What Is God?
Boritzer, Etan

The depth of meaning here defies easy description. Through Boritzer's clear text and Marantz's vivid and humorous illustrations, the reader does, in fact, receive an answer to the question, What is God? Full-color illustrations.

Math Workbook (TinkerActive, Grade 2)
Sidat, Enil

Tinker, make, and engineer to learn through play! With TinkerActive Workbooks, learning leaps off the page and into the real world. Start with interactive and entertaining exercises that cover the essential second grade math and problem-solving skills. Then, apply what you’ve learned in exciting ...

Vlad the Rad
Barrager, Brigette

Vlad is always getting in trouble at Miss Fussbucket's School for Aspiring Spooks. Unlike the other little vampires, witches, mummies, and ghosts, Vlad isn't very interested in learning spookiness. That's because...Vlad loves to skateboard! How can he possibly think about being a good spook when ...

The Pretty Brilliant Experiment Book (Project Mc2)
Hemsworth, Jade

Pick up S.T.E.A.M. with experiments in science, chemistry, technology, engineering and more!Inspired by Netflix’s original series, Project Mc2 (TM), The Pretty Brilliant Experiment book has over 20 experiments introduced by our favorite Nov8 (that’s Innovate) agents: McKeyla McAlister, Adrienne A...

Math Workbook (TinkerActive, Grade 1)
Krasner, Justin

Tinker, make, and engineer to learn through play! With TinkerActive Workbooks, learning leaps off the page and into the real world. Start with interactive and entertaining exercises that cover the essential first grade math and problem-solving skills. Then, apply what you’ve learned in exciting h...

Alexis Cool as a Cupcake (Cupcake Diaries, Bk. 8)
Simon, Coco

Alexis is the clear leader of the Cupcake Club: She's organized, punctual, and happy to take on the stuff like scheduling, budgets, invoicing, and the things that the other girls don't really want to do. In other words, the "unfun" things. But one day Alexis feels particularly unappreciated and i...

Page 4 of 21 - 495 results

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