KidsBooks Closure Information

KidsBooks will soon be folded into our sister brand, Book Outlet, to bring you an even greater selection of books for all ages.

Get ready for the same great books for them, PLUS a huge selection for you, too - all at least 50% off list prices. Every day.

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So, what can you look forward to?  

A selection of 55,000+ books for the whole family, all at least 50% off list prices. Additionally, you’ll earn points on every order to redeem on future purchases. 

For now, you can still shop at If you have any gift card balances, now's the time to use them.  

Keep an eye out for official closure dates and more details coming soon.

What to do in the meantime?

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Your wishlist will not transfer to Book Outlet, however, all products on KidsBooks can be found at Book Outlet, too! You’ll be able to build your wishlist as you wish on Book Outlet’s website.

Be sure to use up your coupons, gift cards, and wallet balances, as they will not transfer to Book Outlet.

Yes, you can still shop on KidsBooks until further notice.

Yes. For now please contact KidsBooks customer support here. After the closure you will still be able to get in touch with KidsBooks customer service by emailing [email protected]

Once the KidsBooks website is no longer shoppable, there will be a 3-week period where customers can access their account information, track their final purchases, and see previous order details. If you may need order details from previous purchases in the future, we recommend downloading them by clicking “Print Receipt” on each order details page you wish to save. 

Yes, please contact [email protected] for any order-related issues. 

You will receive all orders made while the KidsBooks website is shoppable. There will be a period when your account and other information related to orders will be accessible before the site is completely shut down.  

Stay tuned to our website and emails for sale information.